Archimate - Layer 2 Network Diagrams in Archi

Note: I am going to make many references to Archimate and Archi in this article. You can read up on the Archimate standard at this link: and you can read up on Archi (a tool for creating Archimate models and views) at this link: If you are unfamiliar... [Read More]

P2V Windows 10 and Parallels

I have been running Windows 10 since the preview was released. My experience, so far, would be positive. It has been very smooth transition. As someone using a machine without a touchscreen, I would say it is a lot more functional than Windows 8/8.1. I still find the full screen... [Read More]

Pulling a Sharepoint 2007 list into Excel as Raw XML

I recently had a need to mash-up some data from a SharePoint 2007 list in an Excel document I was working on. I already knew that I could work with SharePoint 2007 data in Excel by using the following instructions from Microsoft: Do one the following on a SharePoint site:... [Read More]

Generating a Date Dimension table in C#

I use a table similar to this quite frequently for my own personal reporting and analytics on various things. I figured I would polish it slightly and publish it in case anyone else needed it. =) [Read More]