Simple FTP File Listing with PowerShell

Had a need to do this recently. I just needed to get a file list from one directory. You can actually just use a networkcredential here, but I use the credential myself later and I need a pscredential object. [Read More]

select object with max value in powershell

Today I was working on a powershell script that batch sends out some files. The files are generated in blocks of n records depending on what is new. so sometimes there are 1 and sometimes there maybe be 10. The files names are formatted like {0:yyyyMMddHHmmss}_export_{1}.txt but they are produced... [Read More]

How to deal with CSV with no header row

Sometimes I need to work with CSV data that has no header row. If you don’t have the column names to pass as a list, or you just don’t care and need to generate some fake names quickly, you can use this method. I am just generating fields up to... [Read More]

View SQL Job Steps as XML

Sometimes I need to look at job steps in SQL. For simple jobs, this isn’t a big deal. However sometimes, for a variety of reasons, I just want to get it all in one page so that I can scroll through it. Frequently I simply script the job via create... [Read More]